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FRANCHISEE PROFILE ( Engineering Classes in Thane)

We offer our Partnership/Expertise of professionals who are passionate about providing the best of education to the student community and help our franchisees  grow by Marketing our product through various kind of publicity activities . Online Market Presence through very strong internet marketing.

Help would be provided in selection and training of the professors and course material.


» Passion to Provide the best of services to the student community and excel with good results.

» Should be a resident of the city OR should have knowledge of the city / town applied for

» Should have min of 1 to 5 years of experience in managing an education center.

» Should be actively involved in the centre operations

 » Good managerial and administrative experience



Space Requirements

» Centre space required is about 600-860 sq. ft (Own or Rented) of carpet area

» Should be located in students proximity area

» Must have good accessibility, visibility and facility for putting up of Sign Boards.

» Must have essentials like electricity, generator facility, proper water supply, (Including drinking water), washrooms.

Suggested Infrastructure

No. of Rooms Usage Approx. Area (in Sq. ft)

1 Reception Area / Counselling Zone 60

2 Waiting Area / Lounge 50

3 Centre Director’s Cabin 80

4 Class Rooms (Capacity 60 students) 660 (Each Classroom of 330)

 5 Faculty / Study Room 100

6 Wash Rooms 50

System Requirements

» Desktop PC with Licenced OS

» Receipt Laser Printer

 » Video Conferencing Equipment (High Definition)

» Plasma TV (107 cm)

» Wireless mikes: 1

 » 1:1 Dedicated internet leased line (Min 2Mbps)

 » Genset / UPS

» Anti virus software (Recommended)


Commercial Terms and Condition

1) Rupees One lakh fifty thousand as Franchisee Charges.

2) Rupees Fifty Thousand as Franchisee deposit.

3) Profits to be shared in the ratio of 60:40 by the Franchisee and the franchisor.

4) Legal charges of franchisee registration such Registration and statutory government requirements to

    be born by the franchisee

5) Records of all the transaction should be made available for audit from time to time.


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